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Best Shisha bars in Ajman

Are you looking for a great Ajman Shisha bar? Ajman is a small emirate next to Sharjah. Ajman is known for its beautiful coastline and amazing resorts. If you are looking for the best hookah bar in Ajman, this article about the best shisha bars in Ajman is for you!

Lagoona Cafe Ajman Hookah Bar

lagoona cafe ajman

Lagoona Cafe is one of the best hookah bars in Ajman, where you can get different kinds of Ajman shisha. Here you can find the classic flavors, but you can ask for something more special if you want to.
If you want to have breakfast or lunch, they have a great menu full of appetizers, burgers, pasta, seafood, and Ajman shisha flavors.
Lagoona Cafe is very cozy, close to Ajman beach, so you can relax and watch the beautiful Ajman view while smoking an Ajman hookah.
If you prefer to come here during the evening or at night, you can be sure you’ll have fun. They have nice music, but you need to remember that it tends to be a bit loud. This Ajman shisha bar is a nice place to meet new people and have fun with them after work, during the day, or at night.
This Ajman Hookah bar also has an outdoor seating place, and if you are a sports fan, they are a great option to visit during the sports season. Just make sure you get here early because this shisha bar in Ajman can get busy.

JERNAS Caffe shop Shisha bar

JERNAS Caffe shop is a local shisha bar in Ajman, close to the Hamariya Waterway. When you look for the best hookah bar in Ajman, you may want to try something as local as Jernas Caffe shop, where you’ll be surrounded by local people, feeling like a citizen of Ajman and not like a traveler.
Here, you’ll experience Ajman shisha in its full glory, with all the flavors you can even imagine, from mango to chocolate, apple, or orange. They don’t only offer Ajman shisha but also blended fruit drinks and milkshakes. If you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here, you can do it. They have a great menu full of delicious dishes, and you need to try the coffee! It’s awesome.
The Ajman shisha flavors are very rich but not overwhelming, which is great because you’ll enjoy the flavor of your Ajman hookah for a long time without feeling nauseated or with a bad taste in your mouth.
We highly recommend sitting in the outside area because the inside can get crowded, and if they are all smoking their Ajman hookah, it can give you a bit of a headache. Also, on the outside, you’ll see many people enjoying their night and playing card games, and that’s an interesting thing to see.
This Ajman shisha bar is very popular with Ajman residents and local people, so if you want to experience Ajman life in full glory, this is the best hookah bar in Ajman.

Ocean Cafe Sisha bar Ajman

Ocean Cafe is the quiet opposite of the Bar before. It is a favorite of tourists searching for the best hookah bar in Ajman. This place is modern and spacious, very clean all the time and those are the reasons why the smoke at this place won’t ever be a problem, unlike other places that are too small and crowded. Here you’ll feel amazing if you come to spend quality time with your friends or some people even bring their family and kids. This shisha bar in Ajman is so enjoyable, and the staff will always treat you with a smile.
Here you’ll find the right Ajman hookah flavors and much more delicious food to share with your friends. Don’t forget to try the coffee, and you won’t regret it.
Other than Ajman shisha, they have alcoholic drinks here, so if you want to drink something along with your hookah, or if you are with friends who prefer not to smoke, they won’t be bored either.
If you want to come here with friends on a Friday night, make sure you get early since this place can get really busy on Friday nights. And if you are looking for a place to watch a football match, Ocean Cafe is the best hookah bar to do it.

Da Vinci Ajman Hookah

best ajman shisha bars da vinci cafe hookah

Da Vinci is a nice and cozy shisha bar in Ajman. This Ajman hookah bar won’t disappoint you with its service or food because they have great and delicious dishes. If you go on Saturday night, Da Vinci Ajman can get busy, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. The design of the place is cozy and yet spacious, with a colorful decoration between fun and elegant that makes it unique and attractive.
This Ajman shisha bar is the best hookah bar in Ajman to hang out with friends or go on a date because it is just really nice spending time here and having fun with your people here.
You can get an Ajman hookah and take it with a hot or cold drink, and if you are feeling hungry, they have a menu that won’t disappoint you. During the day, this place is less crowded, so you can come here to have a chill meal, and during the night, you can come here to enjoy shisha with your friends. Overall, Da Vinci Ajman is a great Ajman shisha bar that you should visit if you are around Ajman.

Grand Cafe Ajman

If you are looking for a more quiet place to hang out with your friends, Grand Cafe is the best hookah bar in Ajman for you. Here the inside is nice, but it is a bit more serious than the other places for shisha. That doesn’t mean it is boring, the music is great, and the Ajman shisha flavors are delicious. You can have hot and cold drinks depending on what you feel like, and we recommend trying the great Turkish coffee to take with your Ajman shisha or lemonade if you come here on a hot day. They also have fresh juices and many food options, just like the other shisha bar in Ajman.
This Ajman hookah bar is close to the main road, which makes it easy to find, but that doesn’t affect the atmosphere of the place.
Grand Cafe Ajman is also a favorite for those who want to get an Ajman shisha while watching a football match. Here you’ll find many people gathering to do so, especially for Ajman football matches.

Hookah Lounge Cafe Ajman

Another Ajman shisha bar is not to be missed if you are around Ajman. If you want an Ajman hookah with alcoholic drinks, we recommend Hookah Lounge Cafe. This Bar has a more relaxing feel, and the atmosphere inside is perfect for having a shisha or drinks while watching a football match.
This shisha bar in Ajman is located just behind the Ajman City Center. The place is small and cozy, but the advantage here is that they have high ceilings, which is very convenient when you are in a bar of this kind. It doesn’t get too crowded either, and that helps.
The staff here is so polite and helpful. That’s one of the people’s favorite things about this Bar, and when you visit it, you will understand why. The service is so efficient and fast. They always have people to help you. This is the best hookah bar in Ajman for you!

Mazaj Bar and Shisha Lounge

Mazaj Bar is a hidden gem in Ajman. This shisha bar in Ajman is not as well known as the other bars on the list, but you’ll ask yourself why if you visit it. This place is so big and fancy, with an Arabian style that will amaze you, and the Ajman shisha flavors and traditional drinks will not stop to impress you.
The place also serves really good food and appetizers, and they even have a buffet and a BBq station.
If you are looking for a family place, maybe this one is not the option, because the ambiance is great but not so much for kids. If you are going with friends, this is the best hookah bar in Ajman. Here you’ll get to spend a great time, and if you like entertainment, they have a belly dancer that will make your Ajman shisha bar experience one you won’t forget.
The price is a bit higher than at other places, but we promise it is worth it. The staff will treat you so well, and you can ask them for anything you need, they will always try to satisfy you.

Al Khayyam Cafe Hookah Ajman

Al Khayyam Cafe Hookah Ajman

This Shisha bar is definitely another Ajman hookah bar that you should consider. The best Ajman shisha flavors are here, and the white grape mint shisha, in particular, will make an impression on you.
Al Khayyam Cafe Ajman is one of the most popular Shisha bars in Ajman. It is also an Ajman hookah bar that caters to many Ajman Shisha smokers, and it is not unusual for this shisha bar in Ajman to be full of people on weekends. The prices are good, and the staff is incredibly nice and helpful. They will do anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The ambiance is very nice too.
The flavors are incredible, and they also have some shisha that will surprise you with how good it is. If you like the Ajman hookah bar experience, this one is for you.
Please, try to book a table before coming, sometimes it gets full quickly.

Al Saraya Cafe Ajman

Al Saraya Cafe Ajman​

Al Saraya Cafe is the best hookah bar in Ajman, close to the beach. Really, it is very close. That’s why many local people choose to hang out with friends during weekends. The location makes it more expensive than other bars in different areas, but the price difference is not that much, so you get to spend some time at the beach and then go to this Bar, a perfect day! The Ajman hookah flavors they offer are really good, and if you want something more refreshing, they have a menu with drinks and juices you can take. The menu is also full of great dishes, and if you are a fan of seafood, you will love it.

Some people come to this place to gather with friends and play some board games, but if you want to do that you have to bring your own, or maybe play with some of the groups at the next table, and you have new friends.

The indoor and outdoor areas are nice, but we always recommend sitting in the outside area because of the smoke. If smoke is not a problem for you, you can have a good time on the inside.

Casa Cafe Ajman Shisha

Casa Cafe Ajman Shisha

Casa Cafe is a great place if you like it if you are a fan of crazy places. This Bar is huge, and the interior is decorated with a lot of colors and neon lights that give the place a unique Ajman Shisha bar vibe. This shisha bar is very nice, and the staff always looks like they are having fun. It will make you feel like you can also join in with them and have some laughs together. The hookah flavors are good here too, but we recommend you try whatever is new or some flavors that are not common. You’ll find them here.
If you like dancing too, don’t worry, this Ajman hookah bar has a room with amazing music and a great ambiance. If you want to play a little, they have a pool table you can use with your friends.
If you are not a fan of crowded places, they even have a special section for families, where they can enjoy Ajman Shisha smoking with no distractions.

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