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Dubai Taxi Guide – Apps, Fares and Airport information

Dubai is a city designed for motorists. Even though they built a Metro system in 2009, you cannot get around using taxis in Dubai.

Dubai Taxis are clean and air-conditioned. All taxis in Dubai run on a meter. This way you always pay a fair price. Dubai taxis connect every single corner of the city. They can bring you to your destination safely and often in a record time. This means for many, the Dubai taxi is the preferred means of travelling though the city. There are thousands of Dubai taxis round the city and now there is even a Dubai taxi app to help you order a taxi.

The different types of Dubai taxis

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Dubai taxis are easily recognizable. All Dubai taxis sport the characteristic cream colour with a coloured roof. The coloured roof corresponds to the taxi company the Dubai taxi belongs to. Now there are red, gold, green, yellow, orange, and blue roofs. All these Dubai taxis are under the supervision of the Dubai Government and the RTA.

  • Taxis with a blue roof belong to the Cars Taxi company
  • Taxis with a red roof are owned by the Dubai Taxi company (owned by RTA, Dubai Road and Transport Authority)
  • Taxis with a pink roof are owned by Ladies Taxi (also owned by RTA) and are exclusively for women.
  • Taxis with green roofs belong to the company Dubai Taxi Al Arabia
  • Taxis with a gold roof belong to the company Taxi Hatta.

The good news is that whatever company the Dubai taxi belongs to, they all charge the same rate and can be hailed in the street as long as they are not already occupied by a customer.

Dubai Ladies Taxi

Dubai also offers Ladies taxis. These Ladies Taxis are crème coloured with a pink roof. The ladies taxis are driven by women and can only be used by women or families. This means that men on their own are not allowed to take a Ladies Taxi.

Most Ladies Taxis can be found at the Dubai International Airport.

Please do support the Ladies Taxis whenever possible. During our time in Dubai we did see some hostility towards these women from other taxi drivers, notably when our female taxi driver did not have any change which meant she had to ask for change from other taxi drivers that were waiting at the hotel we were brunching at. Most just rolled up their window and did not want to talk to her. She ultimately had to go to the hotel to change some money. It meant I took a Ladies Dubai Taxi whenever possible just to support these women!

Dubai Taxi Airport

Airport taxis provide a service exclusively for visitors to and from Dubai International Airport as well as for all their travel needs within the United Arab Emirates.

Upon your arrival, after having collected your luggage, follow the pictograms which indicate the location of Dubai Airport taxis at the exit of terminals 1, 2 and 3.

If you prefer, you can also pre-book a private transfer from Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum International Airport via Klook.

Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall, you will easily recognize him thanks to the sign on which your name will be written.

By booking your private transfer in advance, you can ensure a quick pick-up on your arrival at Dubai Airport with a firm and final rate.

Dubai Taxi Fare

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Dubai taxis are all equipped with an odometer. The departure pick-up fares of Dubai taxis vary depending on the time and location of the taxi’s departure.

Airport taxis charge a pickup rate of 25AED for one trip to and from Dubai International Airport with an additional charge of 2AED per kilometre travelled

Women-only pink-roofed taxis have a pick-up of 6AED in the mornings, noon and evenings and 7AED after 10 p.m.

For the rest of the taxis in town, the minimum charge is 6AED between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. with an additional charge of 1.95 AED per kilometre travelled and 7AED after 10 p.m. and an additional charge of 2AED per kilometre travelled.

The minimum cost for a city ride is 12AED; some taxi drivers in Dubai accept payment by Nol Card or credit cards, but make sure they have a Nol Card reader or bank card payment terminal before getting in and considering these last two payment options.

Dubai Taxi Hala

It is not always easy to hail a Dubai taxi. Especially on a Friday night or during the evening, it can take you up to half an hour to find a Dubai taxi that is empty. In order to help you hail a Dubai Taxi, the RTA has worked together with ride hailing app Careem to make a Dubai Taxi App. The Dubai Taxi Hala allows you to hail a Dubai Taxi through the Dubai Taxi App. You add in a pick up spot, a drop off spot and the Dubai taxi app Hala will tell you how much this will cost you. The Dubai taxi app also allows for up front Dubai Taxi booking.

Dubai Taxis and Destinations

One of the biggest difficulties in Dubai is to give up the exact address of your destination of your Dubai Taxi ride. Dubai does not have addresses as we do in the West. One of the best way to indicate your destination is through a point of interest. This could be a tourist site, a shopping centre, a metro station, a hospital, a mall etc.

Most of the drivers in Dubai come from South Asia. Their English is good and these drivers known the city well. Sometimes, however, you might get into the car of a new driver. This might mean you have to direct them. You can hand them your phone with Google Maps to direct them.

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