best things to do in fujairah fort

10 Best things to do in Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the lesser known emirates in the United Arab Emirates, but a fan favourite with expats and locals. Fujairah is especially known for its great scooba diving and snorkelling and the beautiful mountains looming over the bay. But what are the best attractions to visit in Fujairah? We have put together a list of the 10 best things to do in Fujairah. 

Fujairah fort

best things to do in fujairah fort

This fort is part of one of the oldest as well as largest castles in the country. Dating back to the 16th century, with Radiocarbon dating identifying the exact dates to be between 1500–1550. There are several houses within the complex as well as a mosque. The entire castle sits on an enormous rock and creates unevenness inside and has been built of local materials comprising mostly rocks, gravels, mud, hay and plaster.

Fujairah Museum

best things to do in fujairah musuem

This archaeology and local history museum is located amidst the sandy and rocky landscapes of Fujairah city. It opened in 1991 and permanently showcases exhibits that give an insight into the life and traditions of Fujairah in the past. Agriculture, fishing, pottery, trade, and weaving were some of the local occupations of which you will find remnants, as well as ancient weapons, national dresses, and utensils. You will also find artefacts showcasing different settlements and their movements. You can explore two large halls comprising antiquities and three halls dedicated to heritage.

Grand Sheik Zayed Mosque Fujairah

best things to do in fujairah Grand Sheik Zayed Mosque Fujairah​

This magnificent mosque is the second-largest found in the United Arab Emirates and the largest within the Emirate of Fujairah. Its importance shines in its grandiosity, emanating through the intricacies found on the entrance facade itself. The mosque is relatively young, having been opened in 2015 and stands as a landmark visible from many locations in the centre of the city. It shows similarities to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul with 65 domes and six minarets. This enormous cultural treasure measures around 9.6 acres and can hold about 28,000 worshippers.

Heritage Village

best things to do in fujairah Heritage Village

This fantastic village acts as a time capsule, taking visitors back on a journey through time, showing off the cultures. This reconstruction of a traditional desert village allows people to immerse themselves in the ancient ways of life completely. You experience artisans making pottery, blowing glass and weaving fabric on a loom, and can even learn these skills through workshops and festivals. This trip back in time will allow you to see what Abu Dhabi was made of and see the new city juxtaposed from across the water as you see the modern skyscrapers and buildings.

Umbrella Beach

The palms lined across the beach give this location its affectionate name. You will find this beach to be clean and easily accessible and will make for the perfect way to spend a simple evening, walking on the beach or even on the promenade found alongside. Bathing is also possible in this family-friendly beach and offers the ideal break from exploring the city. You will discover timid low waves and blue waters and will be able to see the cityscape right across the street. The promenade also allows for kids to ride their bicycle or skate. You can pack a picnic for the day or head over to enjoy the sunset after exploring the city around.

Snorkelling and diving

Fujairah also offers some underwater discoveries, colourful corals, and lively little fish friends, amongst many other creatures to be explored. Al Aqah is one of the main spots to explore the underwater world, with reef fish, turtles and other marine animals to be spotted. With luck, you can even find reef sharks and whale sharks and even some shipwrecks. Some of the famous reefs to watch out for are the Martini Rock, Snoopy Island and Dibba Rock. Diver’s Down is a top-notch diving centre that will also allow you to obtain diving and open water certifications for all age groups. The instructors are friendly and well experienced. Al Boom is another centre specializing in water sports and holding an excellent reputation since 1995.

Al Bidya Mosque

best things to do in fujairah Al Bidya Mosque

This mosque is small but has much to be explored. It is an archaeological treasure, comprising many features unique to designs in the United Arab Emirates. It is also a great example of how ancient houses had been built with date trees and mud—surrounded by rocky terrains. It is a great place to explore and spend some time in, basking in the glory of the olden days. The inner walls are kept in the original colour, cold to the eye and indeed made to insulate its visitors from the heat.

Al Hayl Castle

A must-see historical site in Fujairah hidden away in the Hajar Mountains. Apart from being historically valuable, it is also a great day getaway. The palace was built around 1830 and is a perfect example of the traditional Arabian architecture of the time. The palace that belonged to the ruling family at the time will also give you insight into the way of life of the time and show off various antiquities, decorative niches and memorabilia. You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes dotted with palm trees. The castle comprises a fort, also to be explored.

Go to the Friday market

best things to do in fujairah friday market

Munch on some grilled corn and sip on some fresh coconut water while you roam around the market where you’ll be able to find everything from souvenirs to delicious foods and affordable knick-knacks. Haggling is the name of the game here, and something to try out since it’s all the vendors will expect it. It is also a great way to experience the day to day life of the people of Fujairah. The best part of this “Friday Market” is that it’s open seven days of the week! You can watch out for many such surprises here.

Take a city tour

Even though one of the smaller emirates in the UAE, Fujairah packs a punch in terms of sights to see, culture to inhale and places to explore. The city tours will consist of a guide and will take you around for the whole day covering all the main attractions. The Friday Market, Mountain wadi, Al-Bidya Mosque- one of the oldest mosques in the entire UAE, Fujairah Museum, Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Jumeirah are some of these. Apart from visiting these places, you will also be able to pick up some souvenirs and see the surrounding landscapes.

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