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The Dubai Bus Network: Lines, timetables and prices

Dubai’s public transport system has a very modern network, however, with only two metro lines and one tram lines, it must be said that taking public transport is not necessarily easy for tourists. Most of the times you will still need to take a bus or a taxi to your destination because everything is reasonably far apart. This is why most tourists in Dubai rent a car or take the taxi.

In recent years, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has established a network of thousands of Dubai Busses.

The rapidly expanding Dubai Bus network now covers most areas of the city, making it easier for tourists and residents of Dubai to reach major tourist sites hitherto unserved by the metro at a cheap rate.

Dubai Bus Network

The Dubai Bus Transport Network operates a fleet of over 1,500 buses that serve the entire city, connecting tourist areas, residential, industrial and business districts.

There are express bus lines, night buses, inter city buses connecting with other emirates such as Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and seasonal buses serving Global Village and Miracle Garden for example

Buses in Dubai are very modern and air-conditioned, with information displays showing the route, direction, next stops and other essential road news.

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Dubai Bus Route Map

You can download the complete map of the public transport network of Dubai published by the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) here.

This Dubai public transport map shows the number of Bus lines, route, starting points, destination, as well as details of the most important stops on the trip.


Dubai Bus Tickets

Just like the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram which are operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), you must also get a Nol Card or a Nol Red ticket if you want to use the Bus network in Dubai. Cash is not accepted.

How to use a Dubai Bus ticket

Your Nol Card must be validated at the entrance as soon as you get on the bus but also at the exit of the bus just before getting off. The terminals can be found at the doors of the bus.

The fare corresponding to your trip will be automatically deducted from your Nol Card according to the pricing zones you have crossed during your trip

Always get on the bus through the front door and get off through the back door.
If you want to get off the bus, do not forget to request the stop using the button provided for this purpose so that the bus stops.

Price of Dubai Bus.

The cost of a bus trip depends on the number of zones you passed on your trip.

For example if you are traveling with a Nol Red Ticket, the prices will be:

4 AED for a single trip in an area
6 AED for a route crossing two connecting zones:
8.5 AED if you cross more than two zones

The appropriate rate will be automatically deducted from your Nol Card depending on the zones crossed; in the event of a connection with the metro, your journey will not be deducted from your Nol Card on the sole condition that your transfer is validated in the metro within less than 30 minutes.

Dubai Bus Planner

Often, the difficulty that tourists encounter in using the Bus transport network is the lack of information on the starting points, routes and arrival areas of the various Bus lines.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has set up a route planner that helps you find which Bus route to take from a starting point to your arrival destination.

Click here to access the route planner.

Dubai Bus Service Hours

The Dubai Bus network operates every day from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. and some lines until 11 p.m or and midnight. Buses run at regular intervals, between five to ten minutes in the busiest areas and less frequently in the less busy areas. Here you can experience up to half an hour of waiting.

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