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Snorkeling in the UAE – A Complete Guide

Everywhere in the world, there are great places to go snorkeling and scuba diving. Many people flock to places such as Fiji, The Maldives, Bali and Australia for snorkeling holidays. But did you know that you can also discover a beautiful underwater world in Dubai, Fujairah, and the rest of the UAE?

The emirate of Fujairah, which lies on the Gulf of Oman, is a short two hours drive from Dubai. Also known as the northwestern part of the Arabian Sea, this sea is known for its large coral reefs with a wide variety of fish and marine life. Here you can spot turtles and dolphins when snorkeling. Manatees, porpoises and whales also live in the Gulf of Oman, but these do not live directly off the coast, which means they are quite rare to see.

But not only Fujairah is a great place to snorkel, you can also snorkel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sea Turtles can be seen regularly in the waters of Dubai and off the coast of Abu Dhabi, especially off Saadiyat Island, wild dolphins are can also be found

Snorkeling in Dubai

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If you want to snorkel in Dubai or Fujairah you can just grab a snorkeling set and get into the sea, but it is also possible to book an organized trip where you will be taken by boat to the most beautiful snorkeling spots. Most snorkeling trips take you to Fujairah and you can easily book these trips online. Below we have listed the best organized snorkeling trips in the UAE for you.

Snorkeling trip to Fujairah with BBQ lunch

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With this full-day snorkeling trip to Fujairah from Dubai, you get the chance to snorkel among the colorful marine life of the Gulf of Oman. Upon arrival in Fujairah you will board the boat and be taken to a beautiful snorkel spot where you can admire the wonderful aquatic creatures in their natural environment. On board you can enjoy free soft drinks and water and at the end of your trip a BBQ will be served on board. Of course, the snorkeling equipment is also included in the price.

The snorkeling trip costs $100 per person (8 years and older) and you can easily book online via the GetYourGuide website.

Musandam Snorkeling Trip

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Feast your eyes on breathtaking Musandam on this 8-hour cruise through Musandam in Oman. Cruise through the impressive fjords, visit secluded beaches and swim or snorkel in the Gulf of Oman. In between there is time for a nice lunch.

This tour can be booked including a pick-up from your hotel in Dubai. The tour costs $105 and uncludes snorkeling, pick up, and a nice BBQ lunch.

Indoor snorkeling in Dubai

If you prefer not to go snorkeling in the ocean, it is also possible to snorkel indoor in an aquarium in Dubai. In the huge Dubai Aquarium located in the Dubai Mall, you can go snorkeling and admire the thousands of fish and sharks in the aquarium up close. You can choose from various types of snorkeling activities, including cage diving, where you enter the aquarium in a large cage.

In addition to the traditional diving masks, the Dubai Aquarium and Atlantis also have special diving helmets with which you can take a dip in the aquarium. Unlike the normal diving mask, these special diving helmets, which resemble an astronaut helmet, allow you to breathe freely while underwater. Ideal for people who have difficulty breathing through a mouthpiece.

Besides snorkeling in the Dubai Aquarium, it is also possible to snorkel in the gigantic Ambassador Lagoon aquarium of the Atlantis The Palm hotel. The Atlantis hotel can be found on the famous Palm Jumeirah island off the coast of Dubai.

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