10 Most amazing beaches in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. That is why we have put together a list of the most amazing and most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi. 

Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi

best beaches in abu dhabi corniche beach

Manmade beaches in Abu Dhabi at its best. Comprising a spacious promenade, a small plaza and plenty of beach space, this beach is made with everyone in mind. Corniche beach is free to use, and ideal if you want to dip into the Persian Gulf. there are lifeguards to ensure everyone’s safety, and for added comfort, the beach has been divided into 3 zones. Gate 2 is for families and has a quiet zone, Gate 3 is for families and children, and Gate 4 is for groups and singles. Each section is also shielded from view by a fence, ensuring freedom for all people.

Saadiyat Beach Abu Dhabi

best beaches in abu dhabi Saadiyat Beach

This Abu Dhabi beach is ideal if you want a Mediterranean feel getaway. It is in the outskirts of the city, away from the hustle and bustle and can choose to go by bus or taxi. The beach is made of pure white sands and the water is a crystalline azure. While there is a price to enter, you are ensured a spotless, daily cleaned beach surrounded by wild desert greenery and beautifully maintained environment. You will also be able to find good food and excellent changing facilities on site. The beach is still family friendly but may not be as crowded as the other places. 

Al Bateen Beach

Al Bateen Beach is ideal for anyone wanting to do more than just lazing in crystal clear waters. It also allows for fishing and watersports such as kayaking, paddling and even jet skiing with jet skis available for hire. Within the 800m of waterfront land, it also offers facilities for beach sports such as beach volleyball and some nice cafes. This beach overlooks Hudayriat Island and its bridge to the west of Abu Dhabi and is also family friendly and easily accessible with plenty of parking. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag sustainability award ensuring cleanliness and safety. 

National Riviera Beach Abu Dhabi

best beaches in abu dhabi National Riviera Beach

This is a 200m, pristine beach bordering turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. It is a part of the Nation Riviera Beach club located at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi. It comprises everything from health and fitness, adventure, and activities to rest and relaxation. You will have access to water sports, a beautiful swimming pool with cabanas and daybeds to soak up the sun, and a jacuzzi area. For the fitness fanatics, the gym provides state of the art machines and weights, while the kids have an entire Treasure Island, a supervised indoor and outdoor play area to themselves. The beach is also lined with different culinary experiences to tantalize the taste buds. 

Zaya Nurai Island

A boutique private island resort to make all your island vacation dreams come true. Located just a 15-minute boat ride off the shores of Abu Dhabi, it serves an experience unlike any other. The island resort comprises an oceanside spa, restaurants of all kinds, ranging from fine dining to casual, a beach club and a variety of events catered to the season. You will be able to choose from private houses and different types of villas, including ones by the ocean. Choose whatever your heart desires, suitable even for a simple family vacation with a myriad of activities, from kids’ sports to more adult suited sports.

Yas Beach Abu Dhabi

Yas Beach is a serene getaway on the Yas Island that offers a calm amidst the storm of entertainment found around the rest of the island. The white sands are dotted with natural mangroves and offer more than meets the eye. Lounging by the pale blue waters is a sure option, but the adventurous can also try Jet skiing, double kayaking, riding the banana boat or the donut. The sporty can engage in some beach volleyball on courts right on the waterfront. The Yas beach also offers culinary treats from all over the world to dive into between everything else. 

Emirates Palace Hotel Beach

This 1.3 km of pristine beach overlooking the Arabian Gulf is the natural bay that acts as the private beach to the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel. The beach is crystalline white, with shallow azure waves kissing the shore. The beach is perfect for a secluded getaway, easily feeling as if it were your own. You will find day beds to lay on in between dipping into the sea that will very much make you feel like royalty. You can even choose to go on a camel ride on the beach as you soak in the sunset. 

Sir Bani Yas Island Abu Dhabi

This ecological wonder is a must see for any nature lover. It serves as the ideal destination for family friendly holidays to adventurous honeymoons. It offers everything from luxurious fortress resorts, rustic lodges to seaside villas. The island is home to more than 17,000 free roaming animals including giraffes, cheetahs and hyenas. It is overseen by the Arabian Wildlife Park. The island showcases many features, from multiple archaeological sites, one of which is UAE’s only Christian monastery, to salt dome hills found in the interior, beaches with sea kayak routes and a shipwreck or a lagoon where flocks of flamingos gather.

Bayshore Beach Abu Dhabi

best beaches in abu dhabi Bayshore

The Bayshore offers much more than a simple beach getaway. It offers swimming classes for children with certified coaches and special offers and promotions throughout the year. The beach is lined with comfortable day beds and is suited for all age groups. The beach is always in pristine condition and provides serenity to anyone wanting to just kick back and let time go by while kids can indulge in more engaging fun in the waterslides. The culinary enthusiasts will be happy to find a range of cuisines available to pamper their taste buds. 

Abu Dhabi Beach

best beaches in abu dhabi Abu Dhabi Beach

The Abu Dhabi beach is unlike any other in the world. It is probably one of the few places on earth that will have such pristine, soft, white sanded beaches touching the soft light turquoise waters and lined with a metropolitan, high rise skyline. You have a choice between exclusive public beaches to private, more secluded ones. The public ones are also called exclusive because they are treated with such care that the difference may lie only in the number of visitors found. They are almost always lined with beach beds and have the presence of a lifeguard ensuring everyone’s safety.

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