UAe time zone

What is the UAE Time Zone

Because the world is divided into 40 different time zones, there is a time difference between Dubai and your home town. The time zone of a particular country or region is referred to as UTC plus the amount of hours it differers from the UTC, previously it was also called GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time).

The standard time considered to be the base time on Earth is referred to as UTC, UTC0 or Western European Time. This is the time that is used in Ireland, Great Britain and Portugal.

Winter time and summer time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, there is no summer time and winter time, also known as the Daylight Saving Time. So the time difference with UTC stays the same all year round.

Because Dubai does not have summer time, the time difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and most Western countries differs depending on summer or winter time.

UAe time zone

Working week and weekend in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In addition to a time difference and not using summer and winter time, the weekly schedule in the UAE is also different from what most people in Western countries are used to. In Europe, the US and most of Asia, the working week runs from Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend.

In the UAE, the working week runs from Sunday to Thursday and the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. Friday is seen in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates as a holy day on which many residents go to the mosque to pray.

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