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Dubai Frame: Atop the tallest frame in the world

As you approach downtown Dubai, it’s hard not to notice this impressive building set in the middle of Zabeel Park and whose rectangular shape resembles that of a photo frame; but yes it is! Dubai Frame is a mega structure built in line with the large and disproportionate projects that the city of Dubai is experiencing.

Designed by architect Fernando Donis, this iconic structure was designed to represent a bridge between the history and the future of Dubai, as a metaphorical gateway between Dubai’s rich historical past and its magnificent present resolutely turned towards the future.

The top of the building offers a panoramic view of the two sides of the city: the Dubai Skyline with its iconic towers and the old Deira districts, linking together the old and the new in a tribute to the history of Dubai since from its beginnings to its ambitious plans for future development.

About Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is undoubtedly the tallest building in the world in the shape of a Frame, you will not find any similar elsewhere in the world, it has even been listed in the Guinness World Records since April 30, 2019.

This iconic monument designed to showcase both Old Dubai and New Dubai was built with 2,000 tonnes of steel and 2,900 square meters of laminated glass; its glittering and luxurious facade with a honeycomb-shaped design, covered with 15,000 square meters of gold-colored stainless steel, takes its inspiration from the logo of the Dubai World Expo 2020.

Open to the public for the first time in January 2018, Dubai Frame is supported by two pillars 150 meters high and 95 meters wide (the equivalent of 48 to 50 floors), all connected by a suspension bridge at the top of the ‘building.

To take in the breathtaking view of the city, a city-view elevator takes visitors to the top of the building in 75 seconds.

Dubai Frame exhibition Past Gallery

The visit begins on the ground floor with a visit to the Dubai Frame exhibition Past Gallery, a small museum that tells the story and development of Dubai with settings that skillfully recreate the small village that it was then. , there are video projections on the environment, objects that recall the daily life of the inhabitants of Dubai when they still lived mainly on the products of fishing and camel breeding, interactive accessories, multimedia screens and some holographic effects on characters that come to life.

It is a totally immersive experience embellished with traditional music, sound and olfactory effects dispersed by aromatic diffusers so that visitors really feel the atmosphere of this Dubai of yesteryear.

Dubaï Frame Sky Deck

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The route of the Dubai exhibition Past Gallery leads to an elevator with a glass panel that an agent invites us to take, which transports us in 75 seconds to the top of the building; the fact that it has a clear glass panel already allows us to admire the view unfolding at our feet as we approach the summit.

We finally arrive there at the Sky Deck, an upper deck with a total length of about 100 square meters which offers a magnificent view of the two facets of Dubai: the “Old Dubai” on the north side and the “New Dubai. “slamming and modern on the south side.

The Sky Deck also features a 25 square meter glass walkway and touch screens with which visitors can identify various buildings and landmarks visible on the horizon.

Panoramic view of old Dubai

North of the Sky Deck, the view overlooks old Dubai where you can see the historic districts of Deira, Bur Dubai, Umm Hurair, Karama, the souks, Dubai Creek and its abra, jealously preserved as guardians of the past. and the traditional roots of the city with a thousand facets.

Panoramic view of the new Dubai

South of the Sky Deck, the view overlooks the new face of Dubai, Downtown Dubai with its skyscrapers glittering on the horizon, we can recognize many famous monuments such as the majestic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, the Emirates Tower and many other buildings that are the pride of the Dubai Skyline.

Dubai Frame Glass Floor

The other featured attraction at the Dubai Frame Observation Deck is the Glass Floor, a 25 square meter clear glass walkway placed right in the middle of the Sky Deck.

Initially, it is covered with a light frosted glass until you step on it, that’s when it unveils itself and reveals the breathtaking view of Dubai beneath our feet.

It’s a little confusing at first and even a little bit scary, can you imagine? we are 150 meters from the ground anyway !! – but after a little hesitation, we took our courage in both hands and presto! In no time at all, we are walking on the catwalk without any fear.

Enter the Vortex Tunnel and see the future of Dubai

After admiring the view from all angles, finally agreeing to descend, thinking that the visit was over … nay, once arrived at ground level, we enter a room where a brief video projected on the walls describes with special sound and visual effects, the future of Dubai; what the city should look like fifty years from now.

This virtual experience leaves us practically dreaming, it made me think of the ideas we had of the arrival of the future years with the emergence of new technologies when we were still just kids: we imagined flying futuristic cars , means of transport and movement at full speed, robots that took care of everything … in this luminous vortex, you will have the impression of traveling through time by making a great leap forward into the future.

Dubai Frame Fountain Show

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Dubai Frame also offers a show of dancing fountains at the foot of the monument; although the show is less spectacular than The Palm Fountain on Palm Jumeirah, the island of palm trees or that of the fountain of the Burj Khalifa, it remains a pleasant moment to spend and an attractive show made to attract tourists and give more beauty at the site.

The jets of water soar through the air to the sound of a score composed of both contemporary and Arabic songs, oscillate and dance in rhythm like a woman performing belly dance in all its sensuality.

How to book a tour of the Dubai Frame?

We booked our tickets online for Dubai Frame, the tallest frame-shaped building on the Tiquets website. You can also book Dubai Frame Tickets via

If you want to secure a place at the top of the most luxurious and highest setting in the world, all you have to do is select a date and time of your choice on the reservation schedule opposite: Ticket for Dubai Frame (admission is free for children under 3). Then show up at the Dubai Frame counter 30 minutes before the indicated time of your reservation.

As you might expect, Dubai Frame has quickly become a major tourist attraction that has already attracted nearly 2 million tourists; it goes without saying that online booking of Dubai Frame tickets is more than recommended if you want to get there on the desired date during your stay in Dubai.

Dubai Frame opening hours

Dubai Frame is open all year round from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. including weekends and holidays (The tour schedule may vary during Ramadan period).

How to get to the Dubai Frame?

Dubai Frame is located within the grounds of Zabeel Park (Zabeel Park), the entrance is located at Gate 4

Address: Dubai Frame, Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track – Dubai – Metro Al Jafiliya (No.21 on the red line), at the exit of the metro you can walk to the park or take the Bus NoF9 towards from Zabeel Park to Dubai Frame Gate n ° 4.

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