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The Palm Fountain: The largest musical fountain in the world

Dubai, the city of excess where nothing seems impossible, has just pushed the boundaries a little further by entering the Guinness World Book of Records with The Palm Fountain; the largest musical fountain in the world!

Located on Palm Island Jumeirah, the famous man-made palm-shaped island, The Palm Fountain now features the world’s largest musical and multicolored fountain show, an even grander version of the iconic Dubai Fountain water ballet from the Burj Khalifa. .

This mega-structure adds to the list of impressive attractions that contribute to the fame of the Emirate, making Dubai the city of all superlatives and the number one tourist destination for leisure.

The largest musical fountain in the world

palm fountain dubai

Inaugurated on October 22, 2020 on the artificial island The Palm Island Jumeirah at The Pointe which constitutes the top of the palm tree, one of the many leisure and shopping destinations in Dubai, The Palm Fountain has broken the record for the most a great musical fountain in the world, this technical feat was achieved with the help of Beijing Water Design, a Chinese company specializing in the design and production of musical and aquatic fountain shows.

The Palm Fountain show is composed of two giant floating platforms equipped with the most advanced technology that protects them against the shock of waves and corrosion due to seawater, they are arranged asymmetrically from west to East, on either side of the ninth palm of the emblematic island; over which the Palm Island monorail passes, which can give a certain illusion of mirror effect.

The fountains are each composed of ten rings, illuminated by spotlights, 3,000 multicolored LED lights, equipped with 86 speakers and extend over an area of ​​approximately 1,300 m² of seawater to create a magical and unique spectacle of sound, lights and dancing water culminating at 105 meters high, illuminating the sky of Dubai.

The Palm Fountain show

The water jets illuminated under the spotlights and the multicolored lights soar in the air, entwine, oscillate, dance, change colors, passing from blue to pink, yellow, green or purple to the rhythm of sometimes languid songs, sometimes frenzied.

With the glittering facade of Atlantis The Palm Hotel as a backdrop; it is a unique, breathtaking spectacle, worthy of a tale of a thousand and one nights, the magical ballet is perfectly choreographed, orchestrated to the sound of music from all over the world; you will hear popular, classical, arabic and international songs as well.

We have already seen the water jets dance to the tunes of the famous song “I have Nothing” by Whitney Houston or “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

No two shows are the same; each one has a different background music, it is just fairytale … even if you attend it several times on different days apart, you can expect to see a different show every night which is sure to be sure to please you. amaze you.

How to attend The Palm Fountain show?

The Palm Fountain show can be admired in different ways

From The Pointe; the seaside promenade in front of the Atlantis the Palm hotel
You can also reserve a table at one of the many bars or restaurants at The Pointe Entertainment Center that directly face the fountain.
The Pointe has a 1.5 km promenade, so there is plenty of space to enjoy the show for free, and the many bars and restaurants overlooking The Palm Fountain offer some top seating on the terrace.

Bars & Restaurants with a view of The Palm Fountain

palm fountain opening

The Palm Fountain is an attraction that quickly became very popular, so much so that while the pedestrian promenade by the sea offers a lot of space, you might want to attend it from the comfort of a good terrace?

To admire this magnificent spectacle in peace, without having a row of people in front of you; the solution is often to book a table in one of the bars and restaurants which also have a terrace facing the musical fountains show, here are a few examples that might suit you:

  • Rue Royale (French cuisine)
  • Samakje,
  • A cappella,
  • Kyo restaurant
  • Chuan restaurant
  • Meshico.

When booking, remember to specify that you want a table on the terrace, here you can find a list of all the bars and restaurants located in The Pointe leisure and shopping center.

The Palm Fountain show times

The magical show The Palm Fountain, lasting three minutes each, takes place every evening after sunset

From Friday and Saturday: Every 30 minutes from 6:00 p.m. to midnight
Sunday to Thursday: Every 30 minutes from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
During the period of Ramadan, times can be changed

How to get there ?

The Palm Fountain is located a short walk from The Pointe Recreation Center; along the seaside promenade, past the majestic Atlantis the Palm hotel.

You can get there perfectly by taxi but the cheapest way to get there is to take the Palm Island monorail and then get off at The Pointe station, you can’t go wrong.

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