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Health in Dubai: What to do in a medical emergency?

When going abroad, you should think about the local health system and medical care. What happens when you get ill? What to do in case of an accident or medical emergency in Dubai?
Nobody wants to fall ill during the holidays. Especially when you are in a foreign country. In this article we explain everything there is to know about healthcare in Dubai. Here is what to do when having a medical emergency in Dubai!

The healthcare system in Dubai

The health care systen in Dubai is managed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The DHA has many public and private hospitals with very modern infrastructure. These hospitals meet international standards for care and health. The rich from all over South Asia and the Arabic world are known to go to hospital in Dubai.
The medical care in Dubai is of excellent quality. When encountering medical problems in Dubai you have to choose between public and private hospitals. Whichever you choose, the care will be of a very high standard.
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The cost of a medical consultation in Dubai

Across the country, healthcare costs vary from facility to facility. Consultations can be very expensive in private hospitals and cheap in public hospitals.
Prices range from £46 to £93 ($63 to $127) for a consultation with a general practitioner. Consultations with a specialist cost between £80 and £202 ($109 and $277)
Access to healthcare in Dubai is not free for foreigners. Both expats and tourists need health insurance. Moreover, health insurance is compulsory for all foreign nationals living in the UAE.
When traveling to Dubai as a tourist, it is recommended to take out travel health insurance. This will guarantee the coverage of medical costs in case of an emergency. The health insurance will also help with medical repatriation in case needed.

How to get travel insurance for the United Arab Emirates

Even if you are only in Dubai for a short time, it is a good idea to make sure that you have travel insurance.
This will cover you not only against lost or stolen items, but also against any medical emergency that may arise.
A great place to buy travel insurance is This website offers you an overview of all insurance policies that are available to you and your travel companions. This way you can buy the cheapest travel insurance with the best coverage.

What to do in an emergency ?

If you become ill, injured and need emergency care while in Dubai, go directly to a hospital or the nearest emergency room.
If you are too sick to make it to a hospital or emergency care center, you can call the emergency number 998 and request an ambulance.
Just remember that you will need to express yourself calmly (without panicking if possible) in Arabic or English. You will have to identify yourself, indicate your address or your whereabouts and then describe the emergency.
Also make sure that the person you are talking to understands the urgency of the situation. If necessary, ask how long it will take for the ambulance to arrive before hanging up.
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Some hospitals in Dubai

HospitalTypeAdressOpen Hours
Dubai HospitalPublicAl Khaleeja Street – Dubaï24 h/24
Latifa HospitalPublicOud Metha Road – Dubaï24 h/24
Rashid HospitalPublic315 Umm Hurair Second – Dubaï24 h/24
Mediclinic City HospitalPrivateBuilding 37 – 26th St – Dubaï24 h/24
American Hospital DubaiPrivateOud Metha Road – Dubaï24 h/24
Dubai London ClinicPrivateJumeirah St -Dubaï24 h/24
Dubai HealthCare CityPrivateAl Razi BuildingAccording to cases

Drugs and Prescription

drugs and prescription s in dubai
While it is possible to get drugs without a prescription in pharmacies in Dubai, some drugs are however considered illegal. Especially those containing codeine, narcotic and psychotropic substances including tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antidepressants.
They are therefore controlled in the United Arab Emirates; and you cannot buy them over the counter. You will need a valid prescription by a Dubai doctor. Another way is to get authorization from the UAE Ministry of Health.
This list of controlled drugs is available on the website of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention. You can also head to our article about what medicines are allowed into the United Arab Emirates.

Some emergency numbers in Dubai

Here are some phone numbers that you may find useful in an emergency.

997: Fire brigade
998: Ambulances> Medical emergencies
999: Police

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