Diving in Dubai – A Complete Guide

Did you know that Dubai is a great place to dive? When it comes to diving vacations, many people automatically think of Egypt. It’s a shame, because Dubai is a great diving paradise for both experienced and novice divers wanting to see some marine animals from closeby. Do you want to see what it’s like to dive in Dubai? We’d love to take you on a voyage of exploration through this amazing underwater environment!

Diving in Dubai

Dubai diving

Divers may enjoy a variety of diving options along Dubai’s east coast and in the Gulf of Omann when it comes to their scuba diving experience. (Also read our article on scuba diving in the UAE!) On the east coast of the country, the reefs are almost unspoilt. Although it is not really possible to just head out on a dingy to dive from Jumeirah Beach, most diving sites are only half an hour to an hour drive away.

During your dive, you will be treated to a stunning, unrivaled underwater world and marine animals. Divers who enjoy vibrant scenes should definitely visit Martini Rock and the Sharm Rocks. Martini Rock is a protected marine reserve where the most vibrant water species thrive. Dibba Island is also an excellent spot to visit if you enjoy nature. Huge table corals provide the backdrop for a colorful underwater environment teeming with tropical fish. At Dibba Island, there’s a good possibility you’ll see rays, turtles, and sharks. There are multiple companies offering day trips from Dubai to these scuba diving spots. We will go into these day trips, tours and even scuba diving courses in Dubai further down in the article. 

Shipwreck Diving in Dubai 

For many centuries now, Dubai has been a busy harbor, and hundreds, if not thousands, of ships have sunk here. Each wreck has established its own ecosystem throughout time, making diving in Dubai a really unique experience. Most shipwrecks are only a half-hour drive from the best known PADI dive shops, making them very accessible from places such as Jumeirah Beach. Hundreds of ships are believed to be sunk at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

A special mention goes to the Energy Determination: this 351-meter-long tanker sank when a fire broke out on board. It’s strange to see such a massive tanker at the ocean’s bottom!

So although Dubai might not have any natural coral reefs to appease first-time divers, seasoned scuba divers with the right padi will be able to enjoy beautiful casual dives in the many ship wrecks near Dubai. 

Indoor diving in Dubai 

In Dubai, anything is possible. There is also an indoor diving center here, in addition to an indoor ski slope. You may swim at the massive Dubai Aquarium (located in the Dubai Mall)! Are you new to scuba diving and want to acquire your certification? No problem. In a secure setting, you can earn your PADI certification.

If swimming with sharks and other large fish makes you nervous, cage snorkeling is an option. You enter the water in a cage to prevent fish from attacking you. Shark dives, where you swim among the sharks, are available for the real daredevils among us.

In addition to typical diving masks, the Dubai Aquarium also provides diving helmets for use. These are astronaut helmets that allow you to breathe freely. People who have trouble inhaling through a mouthpiece will benefit from this device. In addition to the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall, the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm also has an indoor aquarium. In Dubai, there are plenty of chances for indoor diving!

There are two places where you can enjoy colourful coral and beautiful exotic fish during your aquarium dive. One is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo whole the other is the tank in The Lost Chambers in Atlantis

Where the dive in The Lost Chambers will let you dive in their main tank, it is the one in Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo that is the most famous. Not only will you be diving in one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world, you will also be swimming alongside sharks and rays in natural aquariums. You have the choice between swimming between sharks in a shark cage or free diving. When choosing for the shark cage for this underwater experience, the sharks wont be able to touch you. As the Dubai Mall – the largest shopping mall in the world, is located in the centre of the city, close to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the aquarium is easily accessible by taxi and public transport. Buy tickets for the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and upgrade at the counter to a diving experience to save time and money! You can even buy combi tickets to visit both the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and the Burj Khalifa! 

Dubai diving sharks

Dubai diving schools

There are various diving schools in Dubai that can take you on a deep sea dive in the Persian Gulf to discover the amazing underwater world and many marine animals.
The Gulf of Oman divides the Persian Gulf at the ‘point’ where the United Arab Emirates (and part of Oman at the further end) meet. Both seas are excellent for scuba diving.

Diving in Dubai is unique since there are numerous shipwrecks on the ocean floor. As mentioned before, the shoreline is usually only a half-hour boat trip away from these shipwrecks.

The underwater visibility varies depending on the area and time of year, although it ranges from 5 to 50 meters, with a depth of roughly 40 meters.

In Dubai, the majority of diving schools are open every day and happy to offer you diving tours or even diving courses and diving tips. 

The list below includes a number of PADI-certified diving schools in Dubai.

Al Boom Scuba

The diving school Al Boom Diving is arguably Dubai’s most well-known diving school.
For both beginners and expert divers, there are 35 different lessons to choose from.
You may also dive in the Dubai Mall Aquarium with Al Boom Diving!
You can learn to dive from 150 dirhams.

Divers in the UAE

On the Palm Jumeirah, Divers Down UAE is found.
You can dive alone or under the supervision of a diving instructor at this diving school.
You can learn to dive from 275 dirhams.

UAE freediving

If you want to take it a step further, at the diving school Freediving UAE, you can dive in Dubai without diving equipment, a technique known as Freediving.
You must have a lot of lung power!
You can learn to dive from 80 dirhams.

Pavilion Dive Center.

Pavilion Dive Center bills itself as Dubai’s only PADI 5-star professional development center.
More than 30 diving courses, including diving classes for children, are offered by this diving school, which is staffed by bilingual instructors.
You can learn to dive from 200 dirhams.

The Dive Center

You can go to diving school The Dive Center for assistance, as well as diving tours to the east coast of the UAE and shipwrecks off the coast of Dubai.
You can learn to dive from 300 dirhams.

Dubai's best diving tours

Discovery Scuba Diving for Beginners in Fujairah (from Dubai)

This introduction program is ideal for those who wish to explore scuba diving but aren’t quite ready to commit to a certification course. This course provides a brief overview of what it’s like to explore the undersea world and has you explore the colorful coral along the coast of Fujairah.

Start your day with a pick-up from your accommodation and a drive to the UAE’s east coast, where you will be outfitted with dive gear to start your Scuba Diving Tour. Sail to the dive site and meet your instructor for an introduction to the colorful underwater world, which includes a theory session on board and diving practice time at roughly 2-3 meters below the surface where you will be able to see some purple coral, and if you are lucky torpedo rays.

You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to breathe underwater after the first lecture. Put on your diving tank and descend to a maximum depth of 33 feet to experience what it’s like to be entirely weightless (10 meters). Look for schools of fish as you explore the gorgeous reef, and marvel at the vast variety of forms, colors, and sizes of the marine life.

As you sail back to the dock after your dive, recover and enjoy the live BBQ meal aboard the dive boat. Your driver will be waiting to return you to your Dubai hotel.

Check prices and availability by clicking here! 

3-day PADI Open Water Diving Course.

Do you want to learn to dive in Dubai Why not take advantage of the clear waters and beautiful artificial coral reefs by earning your PADI while on holiday in Dubai! You should book a spot via the link online to make sure you have a place in the next class as this is a very popular course. You will be able to complete confined water training and will do four open-water dives to qualify for your PADI. 

During these three days you will be trained by qualified PADI instructors and you will be given a chance to complete the e-learning courses that come with the certification at an additional cost. 

A three-day PADI Open Water course in Dubai will teach you how to scuba dive through basic diving skills such as getting water out of your glasses while being underwater, and equalising your ears.

Be sure to book your course below in order to grab yourself a spot in this popular course. You will not only save yourself time finding a diving school and arranging lessons, you will also be able to save quite a pretty penny on your dives! 

Over the course of three days, you will receive confined water training and open-water dives. Instruction and dive equipment are included, with online coursework available for an additional fee.

Check prices and availability through this link! 

Dive into Dubai’s Lost Chambers

Do you want to learn to scuba dive or improve your fundamental diving skills? Then take a dive in Dubai’s Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis The Palm’s stunning Ambassadors Lagoon. You’ll wear diving gear, learn the basics from a PADI instructor, and explore the lagoon’s stunning underwater world, which is home to 65,000 aquatic animals, during our 2-hour Dive Discovery. As you float about the imitation ruins of Atlantis with your instructor, you’ll see rays, sharks, and shoals of unusual species. For a more customized experience, each dive is limited to three individuals. The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm offers a 2-hour Dive Discovery tour. Dive in the enormous Ambassadors Lagoon which is an artificial reef, with one-on-one instruction from a professional. Swim among 65,000 marine species, including reef sharks, rays, and a variety of colorful fish. Waft through the lagoon’s re-creations of Atlantis’ lost city. Beginner and non-certified divers, as well as youngsters aged 10 and up, will benefit from this course. For a more customized experience, a small-group dive with only three people is available.

Check prices and availability by clicking here now! 

When to dive in Dubai

Divers can dive in Dubai at any time of year, but visibility is best in the spring and autumn. The water temperature is hottest in July, August and September while the temperature drops significantly in November, December and January. 

Where to Dive with Sharks in Dubai 

In Dubai you can dive with sharks in The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. You can choose to either dive with an astronaut helmet in which you can breathe freely, or head out with a mouth piece. You can choose to do a free dive or to stay in a cage. Buy your tickets here and upgrade to a dive experience at the counter for a discount! 

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